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RVSquadTM has a singular focus on providing the most advanced, diagnostic non-invasive RV inspections, to make RV'ing safe, healthy and enjoyable.


Non Intrusive

Advanced inspection procedures, processes and devices allow for detection of anomalies - without causing physical harm to the RV.

Technology Based

Leading-edge sensory devices are used to detect and measure anomalies that can go undetected by visual and manual inspections.

Training Driven

Highest quality of services is maintained, since inspections are conducted only by certified and trained professionals.

Mobile Services

Maximum time savings and convenience are provided to clients by conducting inspections where the RV is located.

Online Appointments

Hassle-free online appoinment booking, along with email and text reminders, means no phone calls, voicemail messages or waiting on hold.

Instant Report

Speedy inspection results, reduce unwanted delays and time gaps between inspections, reporting and maintenance/repair of defects.


Serving Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley, BC

Inspector for Lower Mainland BC Region: Amrit Dhillon
Certified Thermographer . Certified Mold Inspector . Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
Member - International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants