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RV SquadTM offers investigative inspections and analyses for water leakages, wood rot, propane leaks, CO emissions and mold-favorable conditions.

RV Squad is revolutionizing the way recreational vehicles are inspected. Using a patent-pending inspection framework, RV Squad inspectors are well-equipped to provide the utmost value in examinations for water intrusion, rot damage and living environment of recreational vehicles. 

Non-Invasive Infrared Scan

RV Squad inspections include a detailed infrared imaging scan of a recreation vehicle. A thermographic inspection is safe, non-intrusive and non-contact, allowing the detection of moisture-related defects that can't be revealed using conventional inspection methods.

Propane Leak Check

Propane leak-related accidents are often unpredictable and life threatening. To reduce risks of propane accidents, RV Squad inspectors provide a propane leak detection service. As an additional proactive measure, detected leaks are tagged so preventative action can be taken.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Readings

A faulty furnace can emit carbon monoxide and create a hazardous living environment. The good news is that RV Squad inspectors can prevent CO from becoming a problem by checking for emissions and presence of elevated levels of this deadly gas.

Mold-Favorable Conditions

Conditions favorable to infestation of mold can easily occur in the dense living environment of a recreational vehicle. Mold can adversely affect structural integrity of a RV, in addition to causing health issues for occupants by spreading bacteria and viruses


Mobility and Convenience

Maximum time savings and convenience are delivered  by providing mobile inspections, online appoinment booking, email and text reminders, and instant reports.

Patent Pending Framework (USA and Canada)

RV Squad's innovative patent-pending framework incorporates standardized location references, increased accuracy of defect locations and analytical defect reporting that can be clearly understood and communicated.

Serving Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley, BC

Inspector for Lower Mainland BC Region: Amrit Dhillon
Certified Thermographer . Certified Mold Inspector . Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
Member - International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants