Leakages and Rot Assessment

One certainty of RV ownership is dealing with problems caused by water, moisture, high humidity and condensation. The undesirable financial and health consequences can be very upsetting.

An infrared scan of your RV by a trained and certified RV Squad professional offers exactly what's needed! Every inspector at RV Squad is trained in infrared leak detection, inspecting and reporting techniques.

We inspect for presence of water leaks and  moisture build-up in:

  1. Sidewalls
  2. Ceiling
  3. Floor
  4. Slides
  5. Storage compartments.

Each area is inspected three ways, to ensure accurate results:

  1. The RV is inspected visually for tell tale signs of leakage, humidity issues and wood rot.
  2. All surfaces and components are then scanned using infrared imaging technology.
  3. Suspect locations are then re-confirmed using a moisture meter or wood moisture content sensor, as required.

We provide inspection reports based on RPRFSM, our proprietary reporting framework that removes all vagueness from an inspection report.

Read more about RPRFSM (Reference Point Reporting Framework)